Student Print Services


Middlesex County College provides color and black/white printing services in the Library and Instructional Resource Center (IRC) Johnson Commons Learning Center. These services are provided to support students in their coursework and other academic initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have a printing policy?

The College printing policy serves to foster good stewardship of our printing resources and to reduce costs. With rising costs of paper and toner, it became necessary to implement a system for managing the student printing environment in the Library and IRC Johnson Commons Learning Center. Saving paper is also good for the environment.

What are the per page printing costs?

  • 7c per single-sided black/white page
  • 10c per double-sided black/white pages (i.e., 5c per side)
  • 25c per color page – no discount for double-sided pages.

How do I pay for printing in the Library and Learning Center?

All students receive a quota of free prints for the semesters in which they are enrolled.  This quota is intended to cover the majority of student printing needs throughout the semester. All other individuals wishing to print in the Library and Learning Center open labs must use an account that they set up through the GoPrint system.  MCC faculty members are encouraged to use printing services available in their respective academic departments, the Adjunct Center, and the Copy Center. Send an email to or call the Library at 732.906.2561

What is my print quota?

Students receive $35 in printing credit per fall, spring (including winter session), and summer semester. This equates to 500 black and white pages or 140 color pages – discounts apply to double-sided printing in black and white. If you use up your $35 during the semester, you may add funds to your account via PayPal or credit card. Unused printing credit may not carry over to subsequent semesters.

Printing credit is non-refundable. Print accounts and any remaining credit will be deleted when your college network account is disabled. This typically occurs no earlier than one year after your last completed course at MCC.

Do I need my ID card to print?

You do not need an ID card to print. However, you need to know your NetID user name and password.

Do part-time students get the same quota?

All students receive the same quota so long as they are registered for at least one class in the current semester.

Request Assistance

If you need assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk at (732) 906-4251 or visit us in Johnson Learning Center room 201 on the Edison campus.



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