Student access to Office 365

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Installing Office 365

Middlesex County College provides Office 365 subscriptions to all active students. This subscription allows users to download up to five copies of Office 365 with Office 365 applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel.  Your license to use Office 365 and associated software benefits is only valid while you are actively taking classes at the College or enrolled in credit-bearing courses.

PLEASE NOTE: Installing Office 365 on your personal computer will erase any existing copies of Microsoft Office you may have installed, and MCC is unable to provide support for installations on personally-owned devices.

Access your software downloads

Log on to Office 365 with your NetID and password.


Follow the prompts.

Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, One Note, Access and Publisher Office 365 Apps will be available to you through Office 365.  After installation and activation, you do not need to be online when using these applications.  Note: The application icons may or may not appear on the desktop depending on your device, however you will have access to them through the menu.

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